ALLinONE control systems

More functions. More comfort. More security.

ALLinONE standard control with high individuality

Compact, simple and complete, ALLinONE controls and monitors ALLinONE pumping stations and stormwater tanks. The control system is easily configured and does not require any programming. The compact ALLinONE hardware includes control, alarm, data logger, modem mobile and fixed line, switch, firewall, VPN connections, web server/small DCS, interface to customer process control systems and connection of I/O’s.

ALLinONE control cabinet without individual programming
Fertigstellung einer ALLinONE Steuerung als Gesamtausrüstung

Technical information


ALLinONE can be operated either at the zoomable touch panel directly at the control cabinet or via web server with any web browser. The menu navigation is easy to understand and optimized. Operating hours and measurement data are recorded and can be visualized and exported if required. With versatile interfaces, ALLinONE can be connected to all commercially available process control systems without any functional restrictions, although connection is often not necessary due to the integrated small DCS. Ideally, the ALLinONE web server can be displayed integrated in the higher-level DCS.

Electrical supply

1x230V -3x400V / from 13A -63A

Protection systems

  • Overvoltage protection, as required
  • Residual current circuit breaker for light and socket circuits
  • Lockable safety switches
  • Motor protection switch
  • PTC / Klixon Monitoring
  • Leakage monitoring for immersed aggregates

Drive Technology

  • Soft starter or direct starting

Current indication of the gensets by means of ammeter and marker pointer Communication interfaces

  • Modbus TCP
  • Routine testing according to 61439
  • ATEX Zone I/II (arrangement outside zone)
  • Compliant with guidelines and recommendations: IKT, STEPbySTEP
  • Fill level measurements
  • Pumps, machines and infrastructure outside the control cabinet
  • Heating/ventilation/exhaust air system
  • Lighting
  • Open field cabin
  • Higher-level control system
  • Delivery/assembly/commissioning

The switch cabinet dimensions can be defined and adapted to the specific project. Reserve sizes and reserves for the signal inputs and outputs and the fuses are also possible.

Switch cabinet minimum dimensions

  • WxHxD 500x600x250mm for the smallest version with 1 pump.
    WxHxD 1000x800x300mm for a standard rain basin



Range of functions

The following control tasks are included in ALLinONE:

  • Pump control
  • Single pump or 2x <15kWund bigger on request
  • Level measurement 4.20mA or float bulbs
  • High alarm with float bulb rain basin control
  • Control of flow regulation/flow measurement
  • Drain pump <15kW and larger on request
  • Screen control
  • Flushing dump control


  • Light controlungo heating/ventilation control cabin
  • Exhaust air system basin/pump sump standard equipment
  • Socket (FI protected) on front of switch cabinet (type 230V, 400V or Schuko)
  • touch panel 5″.
  • Web server/local small-PLS for PC and Smartphone
  • Overvoltage protection type 1&2 optional
  • Data communication/interface to DCS via DSL or mobile radio <4G
  • Remote maintenanceDSL or mobile radio <4G
  • Presence switch/alarm suppression alarm
  • STEBalarm with SMS, e-mail, pager
  • UPS-supported communication
  • DSL or mobile phone up to 4G

Remote connection

The communication side of ALLinONE enables connections to multiple sites, such as a central process control system and other stations that may be involved in the maintenance and servicing of the structure. The integrated local mini-PLS allows comfortable use even without an external control center. The location-independent operation requires only an Internet browser and an Internet connection. High security on the Internet – high cybersecurity standard. Due to secure VPN connections and an internal firewall, ALLinONE complies with the guidelines and recommendations of IKT and STEPby-STEP. An additional firewall in the outstation is therefore not necessary.


Due to the rising costs in remote transmission technology (high subscription costs for services that are not needed) STEBATEC offers usage packages for remote connection and alarming. STEBAmobile enables remote access with SMS and data volumes in the Swisscom network.



For small and medium-sized wastewater plants, the use of a PLC, which would also be suitable for much larger/more complex automation systems, often results in an unbalanced price/performance ratio. The repetitive programming effort until a “too powerful” control system is ready for use also tends to be prone to errors and requires increased commissioning effort. In favor of standardization, a too powerful control system can usually still be argued – the necessary compatibility with the process control system also serves as justification. Nevertheless, these PLCs are then no alarm devices, no modems and firewalls and no data loggers. Cheap controllers” of the pump manufacturers are no alternative, because the functional and compatibility range required by the standard can only be achieved with a large number of devices that can be combined.

ALLinONE closes a gap

The inspiration for the creation of the ALLinONE system was the functional and process scope of approx. 80% of the wastewater structures automated by Stebatec to date. ALLinONE now includes all these diverse control functions, whereby in each application only a fraction of the scope is required. In order to enable or disable the project-specific required functions easily and reliably, ALLinONE has a user mask that can be operated without programming knowledge. This means that NO programming work is necessary anymore. The ALLinONE hardware is a device that includes the functions control, alarm, data communication and data log. A device combined with a standard software is therefore the solution for tasks where previous solutions were too complex and too expensive. Meanwhile, the compatibility for connection/integration to any process control system is ensured due to the large and open interface flexibility.

Flexibility through automated production

The ALLinONE production process has been automated from the electrical schematic, router and firewall settings, generation of communication certificates on the Internet, to the configuration of the control software. The dimensions of the electrical cabinet can be adapted to the local space conditions in order to obtain the necessary flexibility. In the event that changes need to be made to the control system at a later date, these can be made manually, as in a conventional automation project, both to the electrical schematic and to the control cabinet. ALLinONE controls are manufactured using only standard industrial components, which can be replaced by your own electrician if necessary. This reduces the dependence of the operator on individual companies. Modifications to the system, such as changing the current of a pump, etc. are possible at any time. ALLinONE controllers are sustainable automation systems for customers, which can be reconfigured, modified, extended or at a certain point in time even partially renewed.

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