Clamp-on flow measurement

Non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement for closed and fully filled pipelines.

Clamp-on flow measurement for clamping to the outer wall of the pipe

With a flowmeter with clamp-on transducers it is possible to measure the flow in pipelines easily from the outside. The transducers are installed on the pipeline with little technical effort and without process interruption. Rotationally symmetric flow profiles can be measured with only one acoustic section; non-symmetric ones require the use of several sections.

Wide range of applications

Measurement of water flow is a critical part of plant instrumentation in many processes to evaluate performance and efficiency and to ensure operational safety. Non-intrusive clamp-on flow measurement is recommended as the ideal metrological solution for highly accurate and reproducible flow measurement.

Technical information

  • Uncertainty (volume flow) ±1 % of the measured value ±0.005 m/s
  • Repeatability 0.15 % of measured value ±0.005 m/s
  • Flow rates 0.01…25 m/s
  • Ex Zone Transmitter ATEX/IECEx Zone 2, FM Class I /Div 2
    power supply 100-230VAC, 24DC, 12DC
  • Available ultrasonic sensors for the pipe size range 6mm … 6500mm
    for the temperature range -40°C … +240°C / WI: -200°C … +600°C
  • Outputs 4-20mA active/passive, 4-20mA HART active/passive, pulse/frequency/binary
  • Inputs Pt100/Pt1000, 4-20mA active/passive, binary input
  • Digital communication
  • Modbus RTU
  • Foundation Fieldbus


  • Permanently stable measurement without wear and therefore without maintenance.
  • Reliable and accurate bidirectional flow measurement (especially important for pumped storage power plants) over a practically unlimited measuring range
  • Robust mounting, IP68 sensors available
  • Up to 4 measuring channels per unit available for highest measuring accuracy and compensation of disturbed flow profiles
  • Installation and commissioning of the clamp-on measuring system without intervention in the pipe and therefore without risk of leakage
  • Cost advantage over wetted instrumentation such as inline flow measurement
  • Temperature compensation according to ANSI standard MFC-5.1
  • Available sensor frequencies and sound excitation forms allow reliable and accurate flow measurement in drive water pipes up to 6500 mm outer diameter
  • Durable acoustic coupling (no gel!)


  • Simple and cost-effective installation
  • No pipe work and no risk of leakage
  • Permanently stable wear-free measurement without maintenance

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