Hydraulic laboratory and calibration plant

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The hydraulic laboratory of STEBATEC in Brügg CH, which was built in 2008 and expanded in several stages, is used for model tests, investigations, optimizations and for the provision of hydraulic proofs in project planning and projects in the fields of urban hydraulic engineering, hydropower and river engineering. The STEBATEC development team uses the laboratory for the development and advancement of its own product line. In the production of flow measurement and flow control systems, the laboratory is used for investigations of customer-specific solutions on a 1:1 scale. The integrated hydraulic laboratory control technology and special software and programs support the creation of test certificates and calibrations.

Public Hydraulics Laboratory 

The laboratory is available to external engineering offices and organizations for experiments, hydraulic investigations, project planning, testing and for providing evidence. The activities can be individually supported by STEBATEC personnel, engineers and fitters as well as operating personnel of the hydraulic laboratory. We prepare the work together and adjust the procedure to your needs.

Numerical simulations and analyses

In preparation for projects with hydraulic complexity, we offer not only the experimental model approach in the hydraulics laboratory but also investigations and verifications by means of flow simulations. Our experts are at your disposal for further information.

Project support

We support and advise you on upcoming investigations, during laboratory use and when processing the measurement data and findings.


  • Weekly rental of the laboratory possible
  • Support by operating personnel, engineers and fitters including tools and materials
  • Stable flow rates, freely selectable over the entire range
  • Software-supported testing and calibration processes
  • Ventilation and contamination simulations
  • Spacious premises with crane and mechanical equipment


  • Permanently stable flow rates freely adjustable in the range from 0.5 to 350 l/s
  • Discharge peaks: up to 1200 l/s
  • Accumulation and pressure range: 0m to 8m
  • Reference sections: 1xDN250 and 1xDN 150 with two integrated reference measurements each

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