Measurement campaigns

Temporary measurements to collect reliable measurement data.

Temporary flow measurement in the sewage system

For the temporary collection of measurement data, STEBATEC’s rental warehouse has more than 30 measurement devices of different nominal diameters and measurement methods at its disposal. The measuring devices are each equipped with data transmission technology so that the measurement data can be conveniently viewed and streamed online on the ARAbella cloud control system. The offer is supplemented by comprehensive services such as engineering, installation, operation of the measuring points, data evaluation and support in the interpretation of measured data.

  • Portable flow measurement with MID`s
  • Calibrated partially filled measuring channels according to the ultrasonic transit time difference principle
  • Channel mice according to the Doppler principle
  • Clamp-on flow measurement for non-intrusive measurement on fully filled pipelines
Mobile flow measurement for wastewater
Portable flow measurement in sewer
Stationary flow measurement for calibration in the calibration plant
Portable sewer mouse mobile flow measurement for wastewater
Portable sewer mouse for flow measurement in sewers

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