Stationary flow measurement for wastewater

Special solutions for measuring wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater under the most difficult conditions.

Stationary flow measurement makes the impossible possible

High flow velocities, steep gradient, narrow space conditions, large measuring range. The more difficult the measuring task, the more suitable is the stationary flow measurement, which can often be retrofitted in existing structures and shafts. The background to this product is the IDM for full filling, which we use with individual flow-optimizing measures in partially filled pipes and ducts. Based on years of experience of STEBATEC engineers and investigations in our in-house hydraulic laboratory, we create customized flow measuring points that meet the requirements of measuring accuracy, ease of operation and durability. With the stationary flow measurement, the billing of industrial wastewater and public wastewater according to the polluter-pays principle becomes possible. In each case demonstrated with a test certificate of the STEBATEC calibration facility, which guarantees not only the accuracy of the measuring device but also the accuracy of the entire measuring installation.

Billing measuring point for industrial companies

Often in industrial enterprises drinking water purchase and waste water quantities differ substantially, therefore, for the collection of the waste water fees the quantity of the drinking water purchase cannot be regarded. Further additional fees are raised by the purification plants for strongly polutet waste water, which must be determined. we don’t only offer support with the planning and realization of the optimal measuring point, but also in other matters for correct wastewater fee calculations.  

Stationary flow measurement in the tandem application to reduce the backwater level
Stationary flow measurement for industrial plants Waste water billing station
Stationary flow measurement of the city Kloten
Waste water measurement industrial plant after a pressure pipe
Stationary flow measurement of the city of Aarberg
Stationary flow measurement in a large bakery
Stationary flow measurement as tandem construction to increase the measuring range


Advantages in operation

  • Guaranteed and controllable measuring accuracy – self-calibrated measuring point tested in the STEBATEC hydraulic laboratory
  • Shortened calming distances possible under consideration of the flow conditions
  • Reliable, very difficult to manipulate and influence by e.g. solids, deposits and external influences
  • Also works in backwater
  • Easy to maintain; maintenance from outside the shaft is possible by simple disassembly
  • Backwater protection, emergency overflow
  • Long service life

Advantages in project planning/realization

  • Fits mostly into existing buildings – no conversion necessary
  • Installation without water detour possible
  • Assembly mostly in only 1 day


  • Quantity recording in municipal waste water special purpose associations
  • Flow measurement in sewage treatment plants inlet and outlet
  • Wastewater outlet control for wastewater producing industrial companies
  • Drainage water measurements
  • Mining and process water measurements in mining and tunneling
  • Appropriate cost accounting measurement
  • Suitable extraneous water measurement
  • Suitable rainwater measurement

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