Steam- and hot water boilers

Planning, implementation, operational support and security tests

Automation of steam boiler and hot water boiler

Whether in milk processing, food production, the paper industry or even in the laundry and butchery business, the generation of steam and hot water is an important component. All the more attention is paid to the safety of automation systems in this area, so that daily operations run smoothly and safely. Individual customer requirements can be met with Stebatec’s industry-specific service and automation offer in the operation and implementation of boiler projects. Extensive sensor technology on the boiler plants measure temperatures, flow and pressure conditions at various points, while the control program evaluates the measured data and activates the processes. Safety circuits are an elementary part of this.

Steam and hot water boiler control
reconstruction renovation renovation maintenance boiler control steam boiler hot water boiler
Preventive maintenance of automation systems
Service and maintenance of control and automation systems
Steam boilers Hot water boilers Safety equipment and automation


Professional and personal support in the company

Understanding and security is a major concern for us. Working with boiler plants is challenging for the operators, but discussions with a competent and understanding partner are often valuable. Our engineers are at your disposal during operation and will be happy to assist you in all questions concerning boiler operation. In addition to equipping and commissioning the plants, we support you with safety tests and administrative work for safe operation according to SVTI (Swiss Association for Technical Inspections). This also includes, for example, the lifetime monitoring of the installed components, and especially the safety components whose replacement is planned and implemented.

Emergency service 24/7

In the event of a technical malfunction, we are available around the clock. Contact your contact person so that the optimal service package can be selected.

Planning and realization

Our engineers support you in new buildings, adaptations and renovations with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts, individual PLC programming and process control technology.


  • PLC programming
  • Risk analyses and security concepts
  • Safety equipment
  • Electrical planning and energy concepts
  • Process Engineering
  • Safety tests BomE/BosB
  • Support and emergency service 24/7
  • Value retention and lifecycle management

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