Plant monitoring via camera image directly in the process control system.

Plant monitoring without arrival

Virtual monitoring becomes easy and secure with STEBAcam. Strategically important points can be controlled via live image. It can be defined in which intervals images are to be stored in addition to the live monitoring. In the process control system there are various tools available for image evaluation, so they can be displayed parallel to the hydrographs or played back as a film at different speeds. The STEBAcam can only be connected to control systems of STEBATEC via the data communication system STEBAnet.

ARAbella Kamerabildüberwachung
STEBAcam picture stormwater tank


1/2,8″ 2,1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Excellent image quality, very high sensitivity, high resolution. Due to the newly developed 1/2.8” CMOS sensor, the STEBAcam contains a greatly improved light sensitivity and color reproduction compared to other sensors. In addition, the explosion-proof camera can operate with a minimum light intensity of 0.1 lux, which leads to a significant improvement in image quality under restricted lighting conditions. The camera reaches a high resolution of 1080p (1920×1080) 25p/30p.

Explosion-proof camera with day/night function

STEBAcam has a day/night function that offers optimal light sensitivity and image quality for day and night applications, even if the light is switched on automatically for a short time in combination with a STEBATEC control for image acquisition. As soon as the object illumination drops below a significant value, the infrared filter is automatically removed. The camera then switches to B/W mode and allows operation at a minimum light intensity of 0.1 Lux (AGC-Turbo, B/W).

Ex-camera with motorized adjustable lens

Zoom and focus of this explosion-proof camera are easily adjusted via remote control. Thanks to the integrated automatic IR cut filter, the STEBAcam copes excellently with changing light conditions.

Which field of view does the camera cover?

There are 3 lenses to choose from. Depending on the application, they are used as follows:

  • Wide-angle lens to capture a wide field of view directly in front of the camera
  • Lens with normal focal length with balanced near and far vision
  • Tele- lens for long distance vision



  • Time saving through remote monitoring
  • Suburban use (e.g. pool cleaning) only if necessary
  • Image storage conveniently visible in the PLC
  • Live images and stored images for later analysis. Adjustable storage cycle.

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