Automatic coarse screen cleans turbine inflow

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Viteos SA is a major water and power supplier inthe canton of Neuchâtel, who also operates ownhydropower plants. The short course of the Serrière River in Neuchâtel, which receives waterfrom an extensive karstic catchment area, hasbeen generating electricity since 1939. The plantwas modernized in 1978 and rebuilt completelyin 2016. Part of the project was the moderniza-tion and simplification of the old screen systemwhich Viteos SA requested STEBATEC to do.The order also included level measurements forcontrolling the screen cleaning machine and monitoring the plant, an alarm system and aweb-based control of the main gate in the turbine inflow.

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We are specialized in project planning, construction and service of critical infrastructures according to highest availability and security standards. Using complex control technology, algorithms and database-based intelligence, we also develop the optimal automation system for your process. These are our areas of expertise: Automation of complex hydraulic control loops Database based automatic process optimization Automation of drinking water supply and reservoir management Monitoring and alarming of the drinking water quality Dynamic sewer network control and rainwater management Waste water treatment and purification plants Hot water and steam generation Redundant protection of processes
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For more than 30 years, STEBATEC has been one of the leading companies in project planning and realization of reliable, precise and integrated solutions in the automation industry. Our project team consists of automation, electrical and software engineers, design and mechanical engineers, project managers as well as fitters and service technicians.
Solid matter retention on overflow structures.
The high performance screen is a horizontal bar screen with automatic cleaning device. It is regularly used as an effective measure for active water protection at overflows/reliefs of combined sewer systems and in the inlet of soil filters.
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