Energy autonomy with photovoltaic and biogas plant

Association for waste water treatment in Saint-Imier and surroundings, WWTP Villeret

The Office for Water and Waste of the Canton of Berne obliges the operators of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to comply with the discharge conditions for treated wastewater into water bodies even in the event of a power failure. Therefore, the operators of the WWTP must install an emergency power supply that can guarantee the operation of the essential plant components. WWTP Villeret, which treats the wastewater of around 12,000 population equivalents in the municipalities of Renan, Sonvilier, Saint-Imier and Villeret, had to rebuild its electrical systems so that it could disconnect its combined heat and power plant, which runs on sewage and biogas, from the public grid and start it on battery power in emergency operation. Emergency load operation is controlled via the process control system.

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Development of automated processes for efficiency and safety
We are specialized in project planning, construction and service of critical infrastructures according to highest availability and security standards. Using complex control technology, algorithms and database-based intelligence, we also develop the optimal automation system for your process. These are our areas of expertise: Automation of complex hydraulic control loops Database based automatic process optimization Automation of drinking water supply and reservoir management Monitoring and alarming of the drinking water quality Dynamic sewer network control and rainwater management Waste water treatment and purification plants Hot water and steam generation Redundant protection of processes
Electrical engineering with practical experience
We are passionately committed to finding the optimal solution. In doing so, the trustful and close cooperation with the operator and planner is particularly important to us. Thanks to 30 years of experience in industrial automation, we have extensive expert knowledge in electrical planning. The combined practical experience as a provider of measurement and control technology and conceptual knowledge make us a reliable partner for operators and planning offices.
The process control system for sewage treatment plants and sewer network operators with the highest demands on safety, function and comfort.
Process control system for sewage treatment plant and sewer system Waste water plants become controllable with the process control system ARAbella in the simplest way. Via the intuitive user interface, the processes of wastewater treatment plants and outdoor structures can be operated quickly, easily and reliably. The operating status of the plants is clearly displayed at any time.
Individual automation for safe and efficient processes.
We support you with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts and individual PLC programming in operation and in the realization of automation projects.
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