Exact measurement despite wide inflow fluctuation

Rügen water and waste water supply municipal association

he Rügen water and waste water supply municipal association (ZWAR) is responsible for the waste water management throughout the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, which turns into a tourist strong hold each summer. During that season, the waste water flow is many times the normal flowso that extreme fluctuations must be managed. Therefore, the technical manager of the Association, Karsten Kröger, and the manager of the Bergen waste water treatment plants, Oliver Heidrich, were looking for an exact and reliable inflow metering system to control waste watertreatment processes more reliably despite the high fluctuations. The search for a solution was complicated by very complex hydraulic conditions downstream a screen building, the extensive useof flocculation and precipitation chemicals withinthe measurement range as well as substantialsand deposits in the pipeline system.

Products in use

Ultrasonic transit time difference measurement with dry weather gutter
The TF Stationary Flow Measurement is a calibrated measuring channel for backflow-free flow measurement of wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater in open channels or open channels.
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