High-precision overflow measurement with IDM

ARA Radet im Wallis (Schweiz)

The waste water treatment plant Radet near Leukin the canton of Wallis treats the waste water of12 municipalities. Recently, the administration union had installed additional measuring pointsin the sewerage system to improve the billing accuracy. However, the inflow to the treatment plant was still not measured. That would have required substantial input at the construction end and caused unreasonable cost. For that reason, another solution was needed. As outflow data was available, the total flow could be calculated if the so far unknown overflow volume was known. Overflow occurs at times of heavy rainfall when the waste water treatment plant can not take in all the water and part of it is only treated preliminarily. To ensure that the overflow is as clean as possible, the water passes over an edge directly below the water surface. However, the width of the edge and the air entrained when the water is falling make the measurement difficult.

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Proven certainty and security for projects and customers.
In preparation for projects with hydraulic complexity, we offer not only the experimental model approach in the hydraulics laboratory but also investigations and verifications by means of flow simulations. Our experts are at your disposal for further information.
Special solutions for measuring wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater under the most difficult conditions.
When the impossible becomes possible. High flow velocities, steep gradients, tight spaces, large measuring range. The more difficult the measuring task, the more suitable is the stationary flow measurement, which can often be retrofitted in existing structures and shafts.
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