INKA project is on course

Successful completion of the first INKA phase

About 110 participants from four countries and three language regions met to celebrate the completion of the first INKA phase in mid-Maythis year. Among them were also representatives of eight cantonal water protection authorities and from more than 30 planning companies. Intense interest focused on the full-day conference organized by STEBATEC AG at their headquarters in Brügg at which all aspects of this futureoriented project to operate sewer systems more efficiently, make more balanced use of sewage treatment plants and improve water pollution control were discussed. Also discussed at the event was the INKA software developed relating to the project to reproduce and optimize sewer systems on a virtual level. INKA can be integrated in the ARAbella process control system from STEBATEC but is also compatible with any other process control system. At present, the INKA team is working on the longterm stability and reliability of the measurements of the substances contained in waste water to make further headway in the emission oriented control of sewerage networks. The next step will probably be the development of additional control strategies for complex requirements and emission oriented control. In addition to discussing the state of the art, the event was also used as a forum for exchange of expertise and making new contacts.

Products in use

Software for safe and efficient sewer network optimization
Intelligent management of the storage capacity in the sewer system makes a major contribution to water pollution control: it reduces overflows, makes optimum use of the storage volume in the sewer system and ensures the hydraulic capacity utilization of the wastewater treatment plant. Scientific studies show,
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