Measuring campaign Wiedlisbach

Extraneous water measurements of all municipalities in the catchment area of the ARA Wangen - Wiedlisbach

Already 5 years ago a measuring campaign was carried out to determine the extraneous water in the catchment area of the ARA Wangen – Wiedlisbach. In order to determine an up-to-date, polluter-oriented cost distributor, the current discharge values of the connected communities with 15 measuring points were to be determined.

Products in use

Temporary measurements to collect reliable measurement data.
Temporary flow measurement in the sewage system For the temporary collection of measurement data, STEBATEC’s rental warehouse has more than 30 measurement devices of different nominal diameters and measurement methods at its disposal. The measuring devices are each equipped with data transmission technology so that the measurement data can be conveniently viewed and streamed online on the ARAbella cloud control system.
Temporary use of the proven MID for full filling to collect high-precision measurement data.
Waste water and external water flow measurement Measurements are performed with a high-precision, portable MID flowmeter mechanically protected by a plastic layer, which is normally installed in existing shafts and ducts without structural modifications. A bypass cushion completely seals the channel cross section and guides the entire water quantity completely through the measuring system.
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