New flow measurement system of the Aare river at Lake Biel

Water resource regulation in the Bern canton

The Port regulating weir at the Nidau–Bürencanal controls the outflow of the Aare riverdownstream Lake Biel and there fore the level of the three Jurassic lateral lakes. Whereas, on the one hand, the levels in these lakes should notrise too high during floods, on the other hand, the outflow of the Aare river should be maintained within agreed limits to protect the areas further down the river. The Water and Waste Management Authority of the canton of Bern is in charge of the regulation and as such must relyon a reliable flow measurement of high availability. A precise measuring system located near theweir should make outflow data available at anytime and ensure that outflow changes can beviewed quickly. For that purpose, an ultrasonic differential runtime measurement system was installed.

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Precise determination of the flow rate The range of application of water flow measurement extends from small watercourses to large rivers with water containing large amounts of suspended matter. For this purpose, ultrasonic impulse packages are sent through the water. Based on their characteristic features, the transit time of the signals is determined on the receiving side.
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For more than 30 years, STEBATEC has been one of the leading companies in project planning and realization of reliable, precise and integrated solutions in the automation industry. Our project team consists of automation, electrical and software engineers, design and mechanical engineers, project managers as well as fitters and service technicians.
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Networking and remote control of automation systems STEBAnet mobile, fixed and leased lines are data communication systems for decentralized control systems. Measurement data and control information are recorded on site for backup purposes and cyclically sent in packets or compressed form to the database of the central process control system. STEBAnet communicates in a way that preserves data volume and establishes connections only when needed, for example when a user at the process control system is viewing live data.
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We are passionately committed to finding the optimal solution. In doing so, the trustful and close cooperation with the operator and planner is particularly important to us. Thanks to 30 years of experience in industrial automation, we have extensive expert knowledge in electrical planning. The combined practical experience as a provider of measurement and control technology and conceptual knowledge make us a reliable partner for operators and planning offices.
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