Sewage plant Limmattal

Measurement and control of the inflow volumes of the Limeco wastewater treatment plant

A newly fitted part-filled permanently installed flow metering system from STEBATEC acquires important measuring data on the distribution of inflows in the waste water treatment plant of Limeco. The system marks another step towards the optimum management of a sewerage system in which advanced measuring, control and regulating systems permit the optimized use of available infrastructures before extensions have to be implemented.

Products in use

The reliable discharge control for wastewater and rainwater
Precise and easy to maintain throttle system for stormwater tanks and wastewater structures. The fast, almost self-cleaning and remotely controllable butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator is based on the flow measurement integrated in the system and limits the flow to an arbitrarily adjustable quantity. As long as the maximum flow is not reached, the flap remains open, while the flow measurement system measures precisely even when partially filled.
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