Outflow measurement for just cost allocation

The twelve municipalities together operating the waste water treatment plant Radet in Leuk (Canton Wallis) had new measuring points installed in their sewer system by STEBATEC AG. The waste water added to the sewer system by each community is measured constantly so that the operating cost can be prorated justly among all municipalities.

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Product in use:

Stationary flow measurement, partly filled

[Translate to English:] Der Steuerschrank des Regenbeckens Erschmatt (Gemeinde Leuk) liegt an aussichtsreicher Lage hoch über dem Haupttal.


Cities, villages, associations of communities as well as waste water producing industrial facilities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are among our customers 

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Process system AQUAbella online and new control system

The control technology of the Diessbach water supply was completely renewed in order to modernize and increase...

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Automatic coarse screen cleans turbine La Serrières

Constant flow of 1700 l/s through the screen to the turbineLevel measurements for operation and monitoringData...

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INKA project is on course

In spring, STEBATEC, together with the partners of the INKA project, celebrated the successful completion of the...

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The new transmitter

The revolutionary signal evaluation provides even more measurement stability and the integrated web interface...

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Dynamic sewer network system control reduces discharge...

Based on digital weather radar data, the INKA software now enables dynamic control of the sewer network system of...

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Energy autonomy with solar and biogas plant

WWTP of Villeret (Bernese Jura, CH); The wastewater treatment plant of Villeret has implemented an innovative...

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Exact flow measurement with water analysis

The processes in the sewage treatment plants of that large industry park in southern Brandenburg state were...

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Exact overflow measurement with IDM

Like in other waste water treatment plants, at times of heavy rain, the plant in Radet in the canton of Wallis...

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Highest safety and comfort also for smaller plants

Ideally, smaller sewage treatment plants that are not manned permanently should be equipped for remote control....

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Control equipment can completely be buried in the ground

Open measuring point with installation moving up on a lift. Grates are placed over the left, wet, flow metering...

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Intelligent measuring equipment saves investment in building

Instead of building a costly additional retention basin, the inflow to the Region Oberes Simmental sewage...

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Jonathan Brechbühl awarded for best performance

At the HFT Mittelland diploma ceremony, Jonathan Brechbühl received several awards for his diploma thesis and his...

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Compact all-rounders

The unsatisfactory sewage situation in some hamlets in the municipalities of Burgdorf and Kirchberg was improved...

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Full renewal of a stormwater basin Grenchen

The outdated control equipment was brought up to date. All processes were visualized and can now be monitored...

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Most modern alarm solution on 4G technology

The end of analog telephone services also marks the end of the so far power failsafe landline system.

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New throttle solves old problems

The partly filled pneumatic outflow controller installed dry in the throttle shaft of the Erlet storm water basin...

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New flow measurement system of the Aare river at Lake Biel

The overflow from the three Jurassic lateral lakes has been measured precisely by ultrasonic runtime difference...

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New flow measurements in wastewater treatment plants inflow...

The Korneuburg AT wastewater treatment plant implemented stationary partly filled flow measurement systems...

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New control technology and automation

Wasserverbund Seeland WVS - Gimmiz: On the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary, Stebatec was able to...

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PNA: even safer, self-learning and with more comfort

Control valve, pinch valve, adapter, measurement and maintenance opening with ATEX zone 1 certification and even...

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Exact results despite wide inflow fluctuation

Every year in summer, the Baltic Sea island of Rügen turns into a tourist stronghold. As a result, the sewage...

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Never has an alarm system been more intelligent or individual. STEBalarm is extremely easy to use and yet offers...

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STEBalarm make it easyer

The AEK Energie AG, a company active in the energy sector, operates about 40 different heating plants. With the...

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STEBATEC with additional locations

We are pleased to inform you about our additional locations in Switzerland and Germany.

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UFM partially filled, replaces IDM partially filled -...

”Partly filled flow measurement system” is STEBATEC’s reply to the high demand of precision flow measurement...

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Pioneer of underground digitalisation

New control system for the pneumatic flow control; Digitalisation does not even stop at the sewage system! The new...

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Process control system with maintenance plan

The Meiringen waste water treatment plant controls the equipment with the ARAbella web-based process control...

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Centrifuge control system replacement in 48 hours

WWTP V.O.G., La Verna, Ecublens (Canton of Fribourg, CH); To replace a control system in the ongoing clarification...

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